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  • Get Organized / Time Management Bundle

    0 Lessons $299.00 for 1 month

    Get all the tools you need to get stuff done!  This bundle gives you the strategies and systems necessary to get on top of everything!  All you have to do is follow the steps in the courses and notice how much more you enjoy your day and get more accomplished!

  • The Ultimate Bundle

    0 Lessons $1,997.00 / month for 6 months

    All Lessons Receive all of Tamara’s online training classes at a discounted price.

  • Master Discipline

    7 Lessons $249.00 for 6 months

    This program is a 6-month Daily read and mediation course to become the best version of yourself. Can you say with certainty that you are a disciplined person? Have you ever felt that maybe your a victim of your circumstances? Now is the time to design your destiny and create the life you want.

  • Presentation skills

    1 Lessons $149.00 for 1 month

    Do you like public speaking? The majority of people would say NO WAY! It’s not a fear that you want to have because it’s such an effective way to build your business!

  • Goal Achievement

    1 Lessons $199.00 for 1 month

    Setting a Goal means making a decision, which is to cut off all other options. The problem is most people are not making decisions they are articulating preferences. It sounds like this, I’d like to lose 15 pounds, I’d like to pay off my debt, I’d like to go to Europe next year.

  • Time Management

    1 Lessons $149.00 for 1 month

    We can’t rewind time, freeze it or skip to the future, so how do we live in the present moment and be effective? What or who do we let waste our time and why? Do you work each hour of the workday as though you were being paid $2,000 an hour?

  • Get Organized

    4 Lessons $199.00 for 1 month

    The average person spends ten hours a week looking for information; that means you had a note on a piece of paper and maybe you scanned it into your computer but it’s also in a pile somewhere. We’ve heard from the Time Management experts, “Check your email twice a day, touch that piece of paper once.

  • Generating Leads & Referrals

    1 Lessons $199.00 for 1 month

    Do you like accountability? I’m going to convince you that you do! You have a 70% better chance of reaching your goals if you have someone to check in with daily. Create a scorecard to set yourself up for success. Get clear on who your target market is.

  • Earning A Doctorate in Selling

    1 Lessons $199.00 for 1 month

    Are you the best at what you do? Would you consider yourself an expert? Are you making the money that proves you are a true doctorate in selling? This program will give you the golden book of sales wisdom so you can test your abilities against the best in the industry. Do you know exactly what you must do to win over skeptical prospects?

  • Emotional Management

    1 Lessons $149.00 for 1 month

    How do you feel most of the time? It’s a question most people don’t actually ponder, instead they tend to react to their current circumstances, which puts them in a vulnerable emotional state.

  • Prospecting Mastery

    7 Lessons $997.00 for 1 month

    Train and enable professional salespeople to increase productivity through enhanced sales skills. This class has been created to provide tools and strategies for individuals & teams to enjoy using the phone to build new business. It’s time to get, retain and obtain even more business!

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