Time Management - Tamara Bunte

Time Management

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We can’t rewind time, freeze it or skip to the future, so how do we live in the present moment and be effective?  What or who do we let waste our time and why? Do you work each hour of the workday as though you were being paid $2,000 an hour?  Do you value your time enough to set boundaries of how much time you will dedicate to someone that you know is wasting it?

When you view your life as valuable, you’ll view your time that way too.  The level to which you love yourself, your self-worth and how you choose to spend your time run hand in hand.

When you don’t honor your time, don’t be surprised if your clients don’t either. If you don’t show up on-time for yourself, chances are, people will treat you exactly to the level of how you treat yourself

Master your Time and Get More Done!

Key Features

Perfectionism is a sign of procrastination - overcome excuses

Learn how to set intentions that will impact your day

Time is emotional, learn how to love doing the things that will impact your future

Move forward with the strengths you have rather than the weaknesses you carry


Time Management

Length: 29 minutes

Time Management is crucial to your success in business. Learn how to master your time so that it (time) doesn’t master (control) you.To access this content, you must purchase Time […]
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