Emotional Management - Tamara Bunte

Emotional Management

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Course Description

How do you feel most of the time?  It’s a question most people don’t actually ponder.  Instead, they tend to react to their current circumstances, which puts them in a vulnerable emotional state.  This program is about taking your power back and choosing new ways of dealing with life’s curve balls so that we don’t allow what’s going on from day to day affect our mood.  Just because someone else is having a bad day, does that mean you have to as well?  Learn how to separate other peoples issues from your own, stop projecting on to others and break the cycle of emotional suicide.

Emotional fitness vs emotional suicide

Key Features

Learn how to change disempowering limiting beliefs

How to control your emotions so that your emotions don’t over power your decisions

How to choose happiness, even when your circumstances don’t support it

Become a thought Doctor - learn how to start taking control of your thoughts


Emotional Management

Length: 39 minutes

Learn how to be emotionally fit.  Do you know someone that knows everything but can’t seem to apply it to their own life?  This lesson will show you exactly how […]To […]
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Tamara Bunte
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