Earning A Doctorate in Selling - Tamara Bunte

Earning A Doctorate in Selling

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Are you the best at what you do?  Would you consider yourself an expert?  Are you making the money that proves you are a true doctorate in selling?  This program will give you the golden book of sales wisdom so you can test your abilities against the best in the industry.  Do you know exactly what you must do to win over skeptical prospects?  Do you have the full-proof system to leading a prospect from start to finish?  A great doctor will always do an examination, then identify a diagnosis and give you a prescription for you pain.  Sales professionals do the same thing, they ask quality questions that establish their value (examination) then merge the prospects pain with their solutions (diagnosis) and of course position themselves so the prospects wants to buy (prescription).  However, most sales people tend to just prescribe over and over without doing their due diligence to truly win the business.  Do you know sales people that just pitch their product and just try to sell people rather than truly serving their prospects with valid and effective solutions?  It’s time to make sure your sales skills (preparation), like a doctors 8 years of medical school puts you in a position to earn the big bucks.  This program will give you the contents of what your sales manual (playbook) must contain to win over even the most difficult of prospects.  Stop handing out brochures in hopes of getting sales.  Learn how to be a true well trained sales professional and not just an order taker.


Earning a Doctorate

Length: 42 minutes

Learn how to get your Doctorate in Selling (Big paychecks).  Tamara has figured out the secrets to being the best at selling.To access this content, you must purchase Earning a […]
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Tamara Bunte
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